Footer Options

To manage the footer options navigate to Theme Options > General > Footer.

Here you have the following options:

  1. Insert the background image for Footer and option to repeat the image.
  2. Make footer wide. Options are Yes/No
  3. Set Copyright message. Html is not allowed for this field.
  4. Footer columns alignment

Footer widgets

These are the footer area widgets

From Admin – Appearance – Widgets you can populate the footer 3 column widgets that are included in the default theme set-up. To add content to each column use drag and drop.

These are the widgets areas.

Footer widgets used in our demos

demo footer widgets

Footer menu

To create the menu go to Appearance > Menu. Create a new menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left.

To show links in footer, add the pages / custom links to the Footer Menu and save.

Footer Colors

Footer colors are managed from WpRentals Options -> Design -> Custom css

Hide Footer

If wish to hide footer use below CSS:

.subfooter_menu {
display: none;

Help article about how to add custom CSS