The idea is to change the property status into pending everytime someone make an edit. There may be a “logistic” problem since there are 7 separate functions that edit a property and you will have to add code in each of these function:

-> for description – function is wpestate_ajax_update_listing_description

add this code

  • for price – function is wpestate_ajax_update_listing_price
  • for media – function is wpestate_ajax_update_listing_images
  • for details function is  wpestate_ajax_update_listing_details
  • for location function is  wpestate_ajax_update_listing_location
  • for ammenities and features function  is  wpestate_ajax_update_listing_ammenities
  • for calendar function is  wpestate_ajax_update_ical_feed

and you need to add this code


$post = array(
'ID' => $edit_id,
'post_status' => 'pending',
$post_id = wp_update_post($post );

After these changes are done every time a user do a change in a property the status will be set to pending and you will have to approve the property again.

To get the email must remove comments for listing_edit email in wp-content\plugins\wprentals-core\misc\emailfunctions.php  from  wpestate_email_management function

and from  function wpestate_emails_extra_details

Add function wpestate_select_email_type in function wpestate_ajax_update_listing_description  from ajax_functions_edit.php as displayed on below screenshot:

$company_email    = get_bloginfo('admin_email');