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To manage the property page display options navigate to Theme Options > Design > Listing Page Settings.

Here you have the following options which apply to all properties added from front end:

  1. Option to choose listing page design type.  There are 4 pre-built design types.
  2. Option to replace booking form from listing page with Owner Contact form. Options. Options are Yes/No
  3. Show Sleeping Sleeping Arrangement section on listing page.  Options are Yes/No 
  4. Show Terms and Conditions section.  Options are Yes/No 
  5. Hide the property location until booking is confirmed.  Options are Yes/No 
  6. Use the custom icon area and choose what icons and fields to show on the listing page at the beginning of listing information.
  7. Options are Yes/No 

Listing Page Design Type

WP Rentals theme comes with 4 pre-built designs for the listing page.

Listing page design type 1:

Listing page design type 2:


Listing page design type 3:

Listing page design type 4:

Show Contact form instead of Booking Form ? Yes / No

If set YES to this option, the booking form will be replaced by the contact form on the listing page.

Check this help article where it is explained how this option works:

Show Sleeping Arrangments? Yes / No

Check this help article about how to manage the Sleeping Arrangement / Bed Types option:

Show Terms and Conditions?

Check this help article about how to manage Terms & Cancellations Policy Section from Listing Page:

Hide map location and address for unbooked properties?

Check this help article about  how to hide the property location until booking is confirmed:

Use Custom Icon Area?

If this option is enabled can customize the below area from the property page using custom fields. You select what icons and what fields to show.  Up to 5 icons and fields are available.

Demo of Property Design type 1 with custom details and icons:

Demo or property page Design type 2 with custom details enabled

If you wish to use the custom icons area with the following design, add this css in Custom CSS

.custom_prop_header {
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
text-align: center;
float: left;


Help article about how to add custom CSS

Tip: If you have theme cache enabled, make sure you clear cache to see instant results.