1. If you wish to have filters on page you go to admin – property – categories (or actions) and click VIEW on the category name.
  2. taxonomy


You get a list like this http://wprentals.org/area/manhattan/ or http://demo1.wprentals.org/area/manhattan/

This list can be added to menus as Custom link, copy the link and paste in Admin-Appearance-Menus

Or you can enabled City/Area from Screen Options

And choose the items that you wish to add in menu

2. Properties List Page Template (with or without filters)

Create a page from Admin – Page – Add New.

Save the page and after scroll down to Properties List Advanced Options and set them as per your wish.

list filters

3. You can also use shortcodes (recent properties – http://help.wprentals.org/article/recent-items/ , recent properties sliderhttp://help.wprentals.org/article/recent-items-slider/ )