To manage the general settings navigate to Theme Options > General > General Settings.

Here you have the following options

  1. Default Country
  2. Measurement Unit
  3. Type password on the registration form
  4. Redirect users after login
  5. Separate users
  6. Only these users can publish
  7. Delete orphan listings
  8. Language for datepicker
  9. Google Analytics Tracking id


1. Default country

Select Country in submit form

SET  NO  to the option “Use Google Places autocomplete for Search?” from > Theme options > Advanced search settings.


2. Default Measurement Unit

You can select the measurement unit you will use on the website. Choose between square feet and square meters.

These will apply to Property Size , one of the theme default fields for listings.


3. Users can type the password on registration form

If set YES to this option, the users can type a password when creating an account. The form will have these fields: username, email, password, retype the password.

4.Redirect User after Login

NOTE: No matter the theme options, users will stay on the same page if they login from Property page (for users to stay  on the same page to complete booking request) and they will be redirected automatically to Edit Listing in User Profile if they login from the Submit Property template
You can tell where users redirect after login from theme options
Or you can choose users to stay on the same page after login

5. Separate users on registration

With this option enabled,  users are separated into 2 categories

  • 1. who can only book
  • 2. who can rent & book

The Register form shows 2 options as checkboxes:

  • I only want to book
  • I want to rent my property


Users who check: I only want to book

These users will have the user dashboard pages limited to those from below screenshot (no pages for submit)


User who check: I want to rent my property

These users will have the user dashboard with all pages, including submitting property:

IMPORTANT: When using login through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo) – the user is disconnected from the site register and is taken over by the API of the social login which registers and logins the users. In this case, user will have the default options (which include submit) even if you enable the option to select between users who rent and users who rent and book.

DON’T Separate users on registration

If you choose the option to NOT separate users on registration, all users who register will have all user dashboard pages (including submit).

This is how the user dashboard page looks like:

6. Only these users can publish

To limit submission to specific users, you must set the users with, no space, as in below screenshot:

Then only those specific usernames will have full dashboard pages.

The rest will have the dashboard with limited pages (not submit options).

Help article about how to work with Separate users on the registration option

7. Auto delete orphan listings

This option automatically deletes properties started from Submit Property – but not completed. If you do not wish to delete Orphan Listings, set this option to NO and save.

The Submit Property page allows users to see the first steps in submitting a property.

Users must Register / Login before moving forward with the submission.

When user starts to submit a property, but he doesn’t login / register to finish the submission, the property is called orphan as it has no username attached to it.

8. Language for datepicker in Calendar

Applies for the booking calendar:

The language for the Availability Calendar from the listing page is set from WordPress admin > Settings > Languages.

When the day of the week starts in managed from WordPress settings

9. Google Analytics Tracking id

See here how to get your ID –