In WPRentals there are 2 types of user menus :

1.The one that appears on header bar , when you click the user picture.

This menu is located in templates/user_menu.php

some explanations :

if the page is a listing edit property  we show additional links : description, price, images….

if ( isset($_GET['listing_edit'] ) && is_numeric($_GET['listing_edit'])) {

<div class=" property_edit_menu">
<a href="<?php print $edit_link_desc;?>" class="<?php print $activeedit;?>"> <?php esc_html_e('Description','wpestate');?></a>
<a href="<?php print $edit_link_price;?>" class="<?php print $activeprice;?>"> <?php esc_html_e('Price','wpestate');?></a>


The user image is around line 120

<div id="profile-image-menu"
data-profileurl="<?php echo $user_custom_picture;?>"
data-smallprofileurl="<?php echo $image_id;?>"
style="background-image: url('<?php echo $user_small_picture_img; ?>');"></div>

The actual menu links starts around line 204
<?php if( $dash_allinone!=$home_url ){ ?>
<a href="<?php print $dash_allinone;?>" class="<?php p


2.The one that appears on left site of user dashboard pages

This menu is in file top_user_menu.php and in there we check if the user is logged in and display the user image and name or the “submit property” if the user is not logged in.

<?php if(is_user_logged_in()){ ?>
<div class="user_menu user_loged" id="user_menu_u">
<div class="menu_user_picture" style="background-image: url('<?php print $user_small_picture[0]; ?>');"></div>
<a class="menu_user_tools dropdown" id="user_menu_trigger" data-toggle="dropdown">
// <i class="fa fa-bars"></i>
echo '<span class="menu_username">'.ucwords($current_user->user_login).'</span>';
?> <i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i>
<?php }else{ ?>
<div class="user_menu" id="user_menu_u">
<div class="signuplink" id="topbarlogin"><?php esc_html_e('Login','wpestate');?></div>
<div class="signuplink" id="topbarregister"><?php esc_html_e('Signup','wpestate')?></div>
<a href="<?php print wpestate_get_dasboard_add_listing();?>" id="submit_action"><?php esc_html_e('Submit Property','wpestate');?></a>
<?php } ?>

If the user is logged in we show the menu starting with the line 54