The Google Places suggestion on the search form is blocked on the English language.

If you want to change the language you need to edit the:

wprentals/libs/css_js_include_helper.php at line 18 and 
wprentals/libs/css_js_include ~ line 994.

You have there this code

if( intval( wprentals_get_option('wp_estate_kind_of_places') ) == 1 ){
            $libraries ='&libraries=places&language=en';

You have to change the language=en

Change the en with your new language code you can find here:…

Open Street Places

To change the places language with Open Street, you must make the edits in 2 files

  • /wprentals/js/google_js/admin_google.js
  • wprentals/js/google_js/maps_base.js

The language is in this URL from the code

Change en -> to your language code following Open Street allowed languages

Algolia Places

You need to edit map_base.js – there are 4 places where you need to change

On all those places (see the line in the above screenshot) you have

language: 'en',

replace the ‘en’ with your language code.

Supported languages on Algolia doesn’t have a specific documentation. You can search here You can use the same lang code you will use on Google Maps.


If you change the language code after you added some listings the new search function may not work correctly. Here is why:

For ex you start by adding listings in English. A listing in English in New York will have the city as “New York”.

You switch the language to Italian and search for listings in NY. But in Italian New York is translated as “Nueva York”. So the script will compare “nueva york” vs “new york” which are 2 different things in computer languages.

The solutions will be to:

  • 1. make the change right from the start or
  • 2. re-list in the new language the old listings.