Update: Removed the main menu from user dashboard. Now registered users can access homepage from the link to Home available in header.

Update: Removed the option to select “Use Custom Colors” Yes/No. New colors will update automatically. Delete color codes from Design if you wish to use default theme colors.

New: Instant Booking check option for each property

New: Option to Include expenses (city and cleaning fee) when calculating admin booking fee

New: Dropdown custom field option for properties

New: 2 header types with different logo alignment position

New: Header menu custom colors

New: General design options for header (header height, sticky header height, border size, border color)

New: Option to set footer 100% wide

New: Launch of Rentals Club Extensions for Wp Rentals (3rd party software). First extension: SMS Notifications via Twilio. Check http://www.rentalsclub.org/ for more info

Update: Multicurrency widget shows currency symbol

Update: Search by Island name improvement for Google Places

Fix: Language file and view guests info

Fix: Language file and payment info

Update: wprentals.po, style.css and my_media.css