From 1.17 version, in Theme Options – Google Maps section you can enable or disable the option to use on demand pins when moving the map. If enabled, when moving the map, the properties in map view automatically show on the list from the right.

This feature applies only for Properties List Half and Advanced Search results half map style pages with the following notes:

  1. On demand pins will show on the map only if property has price per night since the search looks for properties with a min price value.
  2. If using a zoom value that is too high (see continents) the number of pins may not count correctly. 

admin half map on demand

half map pins

If the properties available in view are listed on more than 1 page, the map shows the number of properties available on one page only. The rest of the pins show when changing pagination

pins per page

No of properties per page are set in theme options:

appearance no of properties

When using this feature – and moving the map, the address field will be disregarded and pins show based on the visible google maps area. The rest of the fields selected will apply to the results:

move map