Starting version 1.17 you can add also retina images for property pins.

If you use the theme default categories and actions – the retina images will be automatically loaded from wprentals/css/css-images

If you add custom new pins for edited/new categories or actions from theme options you’ll have to add the retina version of your pins via wp-admin – media – add image in the same month as the non retina version.



The non retina pin image (jpg or png) is added in Theme Options – Pin Management (Ex you add an image with name rent.jpg)

NOTE: demo pins have the width/height set in Google Maps API code. Your images should be 44*50 px.



If you use different pins than the demo pins, create the retina ready version of that image and add _2x at the end of the name. The pins images from themepack/pins_and_icons. You can edit colors/icons in any vector editing tool, such as Fireworks from adbose

The retina image you create must have the _2x extension after image name. Example: sale.jpg should have a retina pin named sale_2x.jpg. Size should be doubled: 88 x 96

Go to Media – add new and upload the retina pin version (same date as non retina version)



Connect via FTP and go to wp-content/uploads/year/month folder (same year/month as when you upload the non retina version from wp-admin). Copy sale_2x.jpg to that folder.