Algolia plans to retire the free version, for the moment, the new free accounts will not work anymore and the old accounts will still have free access until March 2022.

In theme we have option to use address autocomplete for advanced search locations field, half map radius and front end submission. You can choose between Google Places or Algolia autocomplete.

1. Enable Algolia places and add Api

  • Go to Theme options – Map and select Algolia:

  • Setup Algolia App Id and Algolia API Key.

How to get Algolia API

  • Fill in the details in register form and register your account

  • Go to API Keys from dashboard menu, Copy Application ID, Search-Only API Key  and add paste them in theme options:


After the API is done confirm that you have Places enabled

You will need to activate the Free plan from the Billing section.


IMPORTANT: Algolia work with both map type: Google map and Open Street.

2. Enable places autocomplete for Search and front end submit

Go to Theme options -> Search -> Advanced search and setup yes to option Use Google Places or Agolia autocomplete for Search?

3. How it will be displayed in site front end

  • Advanced search location field:

  • Location Lat and Long coordinates save automatically with Algolia Places (Address field in Location Settings)


Algolia Places API is an alternative we integrated for Google Places that becoming paid starting November 29(used in a search by autocomplete in location, in submit for City field, in Geolocation Radius search in Half Map).

Algolia service is free within a specific number of requests per month – and becomes paid after that limit is reached. You can read more here

For Google pricing see this link:|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utmv=-&__utmk=191522090&_ga=2.217772630.1715708310.1543403073-54225050.1467212566