To enable or disable Login and Signup link in main menu –  go to Theme Options – Appearance and Set NO to for SHOW USER LOGIN IN HEADER MENU.

top user menu

removes user menu

Please note that login and register are still required to submit bookings and send private messages. These options should be used with caution.

To enable social login in register form, starting 1.15.4 enable this option from theme options – Social and Contact.

social on register

IMPORTANT: When using login through social media – the user is disconnected from the site register and is taken over by the API of the social login which registers and logins the users. In this case user will have the default options (which include submit) even if you enable the option to select between users who rent and users who rent and book –

-Also, when the user submits  a property without login and after the first steps he will wish to login with social media, the property will not be found.  This happens because the user leaves the site and there are some dates that are lost- like the property ID. After the user is redirected to the profile page, the system does not know what property the user previously added.