NEW: show login modal in booking form if you are not logged in and try to send a booking request or a private message to owner

NEW: save booking check-in, check-out & guest selections made on booking form on property page before LOGIN IN / REGISTER for after user registers.

NEW: Google Places show on single Listing map (to see nearby restaurants, hospitals etc)

NEW: Splash Page with image, image slider or video

NEW: YELP API integration to show points of interest around the listing

NEW: Video header option for single page header option: manage height control, full screen control, overlay color and opacity

NEW: Header Image options: height control, full screen control, overlay color and opacity

NEW: Print option for VIEW DETAILS (invoice)

NEW: Show number of unread messages in user dashboard – Inbox

NEW: Price Pin for properties managed from Theme Options – maps – pin management. Show price in full or in short version

NEW: allow html in email template management (img, br, em and strong elements are supported)

NEW: Mega Menu option

NEW: Manage the no of months for calendar and no of guests in dropdown from admin – theme options – general settings – appearance

NEW: Open infobox on half map automatically when hovering over the property in listing

NEW: Redirect to property page when registering/login from property page on mobile

NEW: Option to close user menu on mobile

NEW: Show IDs in all lists to be easier to manage widgets/shortcodes that work with IDs

UPDATE: Show subscription/membership payment buttons only if a package is selected from dropdown

UPDATE: Price for 7d+ is for minim 7 days  of booking and price 30d+ is for minim 30 days of booking

UPDATE: Booking position is first on responsive with property type 1 design –

UPDATE: Show renter name and property link/title in admin – edit invoice

FIX: Reject / delete booking sync with calendar availability when deposit and service fee are 0

FIX: Select current day with force booking check-in to start on a different day

FIX: Prices to not change in invoice details for a confirmed booking

FIX: Show “pay invoice in full” when booking with “instant booking” and 0 fee for deposit and service fee

Update: style.css, my_media.css, wprentals.po

Update: Plugins included to latest version

Update: include in theme pack  to make the theme translation directly in child theme and not lose those files during update