Properties must be submitted in Front End and use admin edit property only to edit certain elements (please consider that some elements can be modified only in front end).

Possible issues that can happen when submitting from admin:

  • Contact info doesn’t show and the city/area/country may not be set correctly so search with google places doesn’t work.
  • Also, Calendar and Custom prices can be managed only from front end submission.

To submit properties in front end login and go to Add New Property

*This screenshot is with Google Places enabled (


To edit a property go to My Properties and click EDIT



Starting v 1.16 you can re-order images in submit with drag and drop.

drag and drop in submit

NOTE: Drag and drop applies only for web (not mobile devices)

How to manage images attached to a property from admin area

Go to Add Media

images 1

Add your images

images add

Close the media uploader

close images

To EDIT images from the slider, open the Add Media – then elect Images Uploaded to this post from the dropdown to see only the images attached to that property, then Delete or Re-order images and close the Media Uploader


Change featured image (the first image in property unit, and in property slider) from here:





– Header Property Slider is set to be wide 100% and max heightl 450px – the image will be resized to screen size. Add landscape images. For example in our demo we have 1920 x 1280 images for featured images. This fits nicely on large screen resolutions. – Property featured image should be the same size when used in feature property shortcode.

– The rest of the image attached to post can be the size you wish. All images will be listed in a gallery with Fancy Box gallery. This gallery is triggered on click (click on featured image or click on image thumbs)


Image re-size rules are set in general_settings.php