Installation & Basic Setup

FAQ: What do after demo installation is completed

First, add demo content – Change your menu with your own menu items Go to Admin – Appearance – Menus. More on the link below MAIN MENU 2. How to edit colors Go to Theme Options – Design – Custom Colors More in this link Design Settings – Change Custom Colors – Change Custom Image […]

WordPress / Server requirements to install and use WP Rentals

To use WP Rentals, you must be running WordPress 4.4 or higher and PHP5.6 or higher. You will get errors if you use PHP 3 as APIs integrated in the theme do not use this obsolete PHP version and is is highly recommend it you do not use it either. Please contact hosting to upgrade PHP. To […]

Demo Setup with 1 Click Demo Import

We recommend importing only 1 demo. If you need to add a 2nd one, reset the installation with a wordpress plugin –  and then do a new demo import. NOTE: some demo imported pages may not be able to be edited (during import wordpress breaks them). If you meet with this situation, please create […]


Server requirements IMPORTANT: Your server must have at least PHP 5.5 for the theme to work. Check your PHP version with this plugin – and contact hosting to update PHP version if it’s not at least 5.5 To use WP Rentals, you must be running WordPress 4.4 or higher and PHP5.6 or higher. You will get errors if you […]

How to update WP Rentals and included plugins

Update the theme via  FTP if you have a translation file done in wpresidence/languages or add the language files in child theme before updating via wp-admin – !!! Child Theme does NOT need to be updated.!!! Download the theme again from the Theme Forest account, where you initially purchased it. The download will be under […]

How to install / activate Child Theme

Child theme is optional. It includes minim files needed to setup a child theme for clients who wish to change theme default code /css (style.css) Install from Themes – Appearance – Upload – help Then install the same way. Activate child theme. Please see video tutorial Save Primary Menu and Footer Menu from Admin […]

If demo content import fails

Import process needs server to support full import.  Many shared hostings limit services such as: Your PHP memory, file upload size, and/or execution limits are set too low. And these have to be corrected by hosting on in your hosting account (if your hosting allows you to do that). Ideally these values should be: max_execution_time […]

How to find latitude and longitude. How to set Google Maps coordinates.

To find out Latitude and Longitude for Google Maps, starting point go to Google Maps, find your location, click right on the location on the map and click “What’s here”. Coordinates will show in the search bar on top. If you use global header set google maps coordinates as instructed here: If you use custom […]