Technical how to

Show login modal after user successfully register

Please add the following code in ajaxcalls.js at line 1410   the code is setTimeout(function(){ jQuery(‘#reveal_login’).trigger(‘click’); }, 3000); After the “you can login” message is displayed the script will wait for 3 seconds and then display the login form. If you want to change the waiting duration replace the 3000 with your number (1sec = […]

How to show owner social details for all users

Owner social details can be seen only  by logged users that have a confirmed booking for one of owner properties. To show social details to all users must be removed highlighted code  from templates\owner_details_header.php file  

Make payments recurring by default

In wprentals\user_dashboard_packs.php file at line 65 you have <input type=”checkbox” name=”pack_recuring” id=”pack_recuring” value=”1″ /> replace that with  <input checked type=”checkbox” name=”pack_recuring” id=”pack_recuring” value=”1″ />

How to enable Invoices in renter/user dashboard.

By default the theme shows invoices only in the owner account. If you wish to show the list of invoices in the renter account as well the following changes need to be done: For mobile user menu remove highlighted code: Desktop user menu remove highlighted code: top user menu remove highlighted code: Then remove highlighted code as […]

How to limit calendar in booking form

In order to limit the number of months on the booking form from property page you must add maxDate in functions check_in_out_enable  and check_in_out_enable2 from  wprentals\js\control.js file Help: add  maxDate: ‘+3M’, as displayed below Change number of months from 3 to number of months you need.