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Remove Video field from submit with css

[for=”embed_video_type”] { display: none; } [id=”embed_video_type”] { display: none; } [for=”embed_video_id”] { display: none; } [id=”embed_video_id”] { display: none; }

How to remove “Pay Invoice in Full” button from My Reservation

Use this css .info-container_booking .proceed-payment_full{ display:none!important; } Add in child theme style.css or in theme options – design – custom colors – custom css. Before adding the css, the button shows like this After adding the css, the button shows like this

How to change guest number dropdown with incremental value

Related Technical Article:  Technical how to : Guest Dropdown Change guest number in search In case want to change the guest dropdown that appears in the search front end  you need to know that list is  is populated by a function called in advanced_search.php. $guest_list             =   wpestate_get_guest_dropdown(); The actual […]

Where the Early Bird fee is calculated? Where fees are calculated in Theme code ?

You should look in help_functions.php at function wpestate_booking_price (around line 557). We use this function to calculate all the fees, discounts etc in 90% of the cases. The early bird discounts are calculated around line 834 $early_bird_discount = wpestate_early_bird($property_id,$early_bird_percent,$early_bird_days,$from_date_discount,$total_price); Please note that due to theme update the line numbers might change, but the code will […]

How to add icons to features and amenities

In order to add icons to features and amenities from property page must build CSS for each element using :nth-of-type() and before css  selectors . !!! This workaround works only if is setup to display all features and amenities: Example: First remove exiting icons using below CSS: .features_wrapper .listing_detail i { display: none; } Then add […]