Change Log

WP Rentals 1.20.5 | – December 22

  WP Rentals Updated libs/css_js_include.php to limit Google Maps API version to 3.31, to avoid any problems while Google API tests the 3.32 BETA version –   WP Rentals 1.20.5 UPDATE: PayPal Recurring for membership has been switched to REST API. All live transactions will require SSL to be added to your domain. NEW: […]

Wp Rentals 1.20.4 – October 17

NEW: show login modal in booking form if you are not logged in and try to send a booking request or a private message to owner NEW: save booking check-in, check-out & guest selections made on booking form on property page before LOGIN IN / REGISTER for after user registers. NEW: Google Places show on […]

WP Rentals 1.20.3

Update: Visual Composer 5.2 Update: Ical Feed update for syncing deleted periods Update: Recent items by id to list be the custom ids put in the shortcode Update: Recent items by ID for articles Update: display multi-currency value for extra options in list Update: https for facebook  widget Update: My Location over https Update: WPML […]

WP Rentals 1.20.1 – May 25

Update: Ical feed for AIRBNB import requirements Update: Ultimate Add-ons v 3.16.12 (security update – please update the plugin to latest version) Update: Rev slider v

WP Rentals 1.20

For clients who update from an older version – set the Deposit fee and Service fee (to get the % fee for admin) – NEW PRICE OPTIONS in Submit property – – Allow each owner to add / edit / delete extra expenses for each booking: by guest, by night or by night and by guest. […]

WP Rentals 1.19

Update: Removed the main menu from user dashboard. Now registered users can access homepage from the link to Home available in header. Update: Removed the option to select “Use Custom Colors” Yes/No. New colors will update automatically. Delete color codes from Design if you wish to use default theme colors. New: Instant Booking check option […]