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Starting 1.20 the theme has new options for bookings management:

Deposit fee

Previously known as admin Admin Booking Fee – % booking fee (in older theme versions).

Now you can use deposit field to take from user submitting the request a part (or full payment) of the booking total payment in order to confirm booking. If you take only a part to confirm booking, the other part (remaining payment) can be paid before booking starts (but making full payment via the site is optional).

For who will wish to take full payment AND send then payment to owner, we allow that to work via PayPal AND the Payment Management add-on (a separate add-on that works through rentalsclub.org – http://www.rentalsclub.org/). More here – http://www.rentalsclub.org/how-payments-management-extension-works/

Service fee

The fee that goes to the site administrator and is deducted from owner earnings, but it is paid by the user submitting the request as part of the deposit.

Because service fee is part of the deposit, it is important for deposit value to be greater/equal than service fee value.

These new options are managed from Membership

What you need to know.

  • For deposit value, use % OR fixed value (not both). Set 0 if you don’t wish to take any DEPOSIT (in which case set 0 for Service fee as well)


  • For Service value, use % OR fixed value (not both). Service fee = site admin fee 

  • If you wish to take Service fee, service fee is deducted from DEPOSIT, so Deposti SHOULD NOT be left blank or 0 and Deposit should always be GREATER than Service fee (+ city, cleaning fee expenses, if that is set to be included in deposit)

Service fee shows in Owner dashboard – View Invoice Details

Service fee is deducted from owner earnings

  • When you add Deposit fee, there will be a reminder email to make the remaining payment before the beginning of the booking. The remaining payment can be done from My Reservations. But paying remaining invoice is optional

OPTIONAL: Payment can be sent to owner through paypal (if you use Payment Management addon from Rentals Club)